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Cellphone+49 176 34435347




Jul 2009 to Dic 2010

Editor and Graphic Animator

Berlin Fucking City, Berlin, Germany

  • Editing, Color and Graphic Design of several Webseries and Video Clips.
  • - "Google und Friends" Web Serie, Editing and graphics
  • - "Helden des Alltag" Web Serie, Editing and graphics
  • - "Berlin Fucking City Late Nigth Show" Show, Editing and graphics
  • - "Bussines mit Boris" Web Serie, Editing and graphics
  • - "Bibo und Babak" Web Serie, Editing and graphics
Jul 2007 until now

Editor, Graphic Designer and Animator

FreeLance, Berlin, Germany

  • Editing Documentary and Short Fiction, Short Video Clips and Experimental. Design Posters for Movies and Web Design. DVD authoring.
  • - "Boxeo Constitución" Documentary, Assistant Editor
  • - "DaCast" 2 animated graphics, Realization
  • - "Tania la G" Documentary, Edition
  • - "Proberaum Deluxe Bandwettbewerb" Deutschland Shure Web Series, Edition
  • - "Que se lo lleve el viento" Medium Fiction, Edition
  • - "Die Dame mit dem Pelzmantel" Short fiction, Edition
  • - "Cranko Festival" 14 Videoclip, Edition
  • - "It could happen to you" Short fiction, Edition
  • - "Kick It" Commercial, Realization
  • - "Ein einfaches Bedürfnis " Long Fiction, Assistant Editor
Sept 2004 to Jul 2007

Editor Diploma

E.I.C.T.V., San Antonio de los Baños, Havana, Cuba

  • - "Campeon" Short Fiction, 35 mm, Edition
  • - "La Gula" Short Fiction, Edition
  • - "Santa" Short Fiction, Edition
  • - "Juventour" Pilot Edition and Graphic
  • - "Vea Abajo" Documentary, Edition
  • - "Lo de siempre" Short Fiction 16 mm, Script and Direction
  • - "Ella" Short Fiction 16 mm, Sound
  • - "Amor imposible" Short Fiction 16 mm, Cinematography
  • - "El juego" Short Fiction 16 mm, Edition
  • - "Imsomnio" Short Fiction, Direction and Edition
Marz 2002 until Sept 2004

Editor, Graphic Designer and Animator

Infomed and FreeLance, Havana City, Cuba

  • - "Utopias Futuras", Documentary, Archive Material
  • - Designs of Websites, Logos, Catalogues, Posters and Presentations Events & Medicine in Cuba
  • - "Dame un traguito" Video Clip, Edition
  • - "Pa mi gente de barrio" Video Clip, Edition
  • - "Semana de autor para la Casa de las Américas" Commercial, Realization
  • - "Musicología en la Casa de las Américas" Commercial, Realization
  • - "Recordando el Festival" Documentary, Edition
  • - "Sube y Baja " Documentary, Edition
  • - "Goza por aquí " Video Clip, Edition


August 2011 2008

German Language Level B2

German for work. Hartnackschule
Marz 2008

German Language Level B1

Integration curs. Berlitz
2004 to 2007



Graduate on the Regular Course (3 years) of the International School of Film and Television of San Antonio de los Baños.
1998 to 2001

Not finish Civil Engineering


1993 to 1996


I.P.V.C. Vladimir Illich Lenin

Institute specializes in Sciences
1982 to 1993

Rep. Pop. de Angola and Luis F. Almeida

PORTFOLIO from Juan Miguel Salas

Hello! I welcome you to my ONLINE PORTFOLIO. In've met some of my work as EDITOR, DIRECTOR, DESIGNER and PHOTOGRAPHER, ART OCCUPATIONS which complement each other. But enough words, I invite you to continue and feel free to CONTACT ME if you need my HELP or SERVICES.Here you can see my CURRICULUM VITAE