This post marks the beginning of a new beginning for this website. For some time now I wanted to change the design of it and this last week I was, basically, forced by technical problems in the blog, to change everything from scratch.

Now in this new website, the blog will be part of my online portfolio. Before it was separate, the portfolio on one website and the blog on another.

In this new blog I will start writing in two languages, in English and Spanish, and the topics, as always, will be mostly about Art in general, putting emphasis on Street Art with my series of photographs about it in the city of Berlin . I’ll also write about crypto-coins, you know, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain technology and things like that. Although many of you may not know it, I discovered that world in 2012 and it fascinated me.

Well, each journey starts with the first step and this post is the first step in this new online journey to the unknown that begins now.