Berlin, the capital city of Germany, includes the largest concentration of urban art in the entire European continent, I could say without a doubt that Berlin is not a city, it is a gallery.

Since the fall of the wall it has become the capital of the artists and creative people of Europe and, more recently, of the rest of the world, where freedom and trends go hand in hand.

To understand a development of this kind in the city, we have to go back a few decades, when everything was controlled, without freedom, with a gray architecture that occupied the streets of East Berlin. Once the wall collapsed in 1989 and after reunification in the 1990s many places began to appear, which were left empty after the reunification process, began to be occupied. Then, repressed artists from the side of the Soviet bloc and also artists from all over the world began to gather in the city and colors and art began to float everywhere. From total control to total freedom!

It is the same if is in a wall, a small corner, door or interior square, in this city the Street Art is very present.

This will be a series. My idea is that every time I go out to take a trip on the bicycle I will take pictures of the Graffiti I find on the road.

And start today.