For a few months now I have listened to music on vinyl again. The truth is that it is very different from listening to it streaming by Spotify, Apple Music or any of the platforms that exist online. The quality, clarity and also spectrum of sound heard in music played on vinyl is far superior.

I have decided to do a series to share some of the titles of my vinyl collection. I will share photos, some written on the album in question, where can you buy it and also the music, if it can be found online. As I put in the title, the series will be called “Album of the day”.

And the 1st “Album of the day” is dedicated to a band that marked my childhood in Cuba.

The band Afrocuba and their album “Eclipse de Sol”.

“Eclipse de Sol” by Afrocuba Front Cover

And I say that it marked my childhood because this album is not only a musical jewel of Cuban Latin Jazz but also, its music was used in the 80s (yes, in the 80s I was a child) in many Cuban TV shows that they were transmitted daily and every time I hear it, mentally, it transports me to that time when I was a child.

“Eclipse de Sol” by Afrocuba Back Cover

The Afrocuba band was founded in 1977 by Nicolás Reinoso, conductor and tenor saxophone; José Carlos Acosta, soprano saxophone, composer and arranger; Fernando Acosta, soprano saxophone, composer and arranger; Roberto García, trumpet; René Luis Toledo, guitar, composer and arranger; Ernán López-Nussa, piano; Ángel López, double bass; Tony Valdés, drums; Mario Luis Pino, tumbadora, and Anselmo Febles (Chembo), voice, percussion and special effects.

“Eclipse de Sol” by Afrocuba Vinyl

From what I’ve seen, this album is only available for purchase on Discogs and on the USA Amazon website

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And well, nothing better than letting the band speak for itself with their music. I created a list of songs that appear on this album. Only the first song on the B side of the album is missing, I could not find it and the first song on the A side I could only find played live, but well, perhaps it is better in order to appreciate the mastery of the instrumentalists of this band.

I hope you enjoy this list!

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