In this new installment of the series “Album of the day” I propose to take a little trip back in time and go back to the 80s, more exactly to the year 1983 with …

Cyndi Lauper and her first album “She’s So Unusual“.

"She's So Unusual" by Cindy Lauper
“She’s So Unusual” by Cindy Lauper Front Cover

Cyndi Lauper has been one of those artists who has paid the price of losing fame for the simple fact of wanting to be authentic in what she does. She has always been compared to Madonna since they both started at the same time but that comparison is a bit unfair.

Cindy Lauper became famous when she was 30 years old, very different from Madonna who was only 24 years old. We all know that youth is very important in the world of music, especially Pop music, which has always been the recognized musical genre of the two artists. Youth and sexuality go hand in hand to achieve success in that genre and well, Madonna … not that she has many sexual overtones.

"She's So Unusual" by Cindy Lauper
“She’s So Unusual” by Cindy Lauper BackCover

Musically speaking, Cyndi Lauper has always tried to do more her own things or what she has called “her music” without having to follow the musical fashion of the moment. Madonna, on the other hand, has been “reinventing herself” over time, to call it in some way, how she has used music to achieve fame and success.

You could say that the big difference from the start is that Cindy Lauper has been more interested in making music than winning success and fame, while Madonna has always been interested in the opposite.

“She’s So Unusual” by Cindy Lauper Inner Sleeve 1

And well, talking about the album “She’s So Unusual”, as I had previously said, it came out in 1983 (Portrait-Epic label). In this album, of his 10 songs 4 were megahits that year, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, “Time After Time”, “She Bop” and “All Through the Night” (and even today the 4 songs continue being megahits).

“She’s So Unusual” by Cindy Lauper Inner Sleeve 2

I am fortunate to have an original copy from 1983, the European version, which was printed in the Netherlands. I got it from a record store in Berlin. It is a very well-kept copy as you can see from the photos.

This is an album that you can still get, with very good quality, at a more than affordable price.

“She’s So Unusual” by Cindy Lauper Vinyl
"She's So Unusual" by Cindy Lauper
“She’s So Unusual” by Cindy Lauper Label

A 2019 version of this album can be purchased on Amazon.

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And as usual, to finish I leave a selection of the most successful songs on the album.

I hope you enjoy them!

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