In this chapter of “Album of the day” I came up with a rare edition of the album of a band that everyone, or almost everyone, knows.

“The dark side of the moon” by Pink Floyd.

"The dark side of the moon" by Pink Floyd
“The Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd Front Cover

As I said before, many know the band Pink Floyd, one of the most important English Psychedelic Rock bands of the late 60s and 70s, and many also know their most famous album and the one that launched them to international fame ” The dark side of the moon “. But not many know that in the defunct communist Germany two prints of this album were made with “enemy music”. But let’s do a little summary of history to put ourselves in situation.

In communist Germany a record label was created in 1947 only to release albums with international music called AMIGA. Through this record label, Germans living under the yoke of Communism could listen to “enemy music”. And I imagine that some are surprised that I use the phrase “enemy music”, for the second time, but that is how it was called in communist countries, the music that came from the USA and the United Kingdom, or music sung in English in general.

“The Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd Front Cover Detail 1

These albums were characterized by always having a text on the back cover that instead of looking like a writing about music seemed more like a direct text from the general secretariat of the Communist Party. A very serious and circumspect text in which they talked about the history of the group and also about the album.

"The dark side of the moon" by Pink Floyd
“The Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd Back Cover

If the album was an original album, the original cover was kept, although in some cases it was changed a bit (that’s the subject for future chapters of this series, I have several AMIGA albums in my collection) and if the album was a compilation of songs, it was created a completely new cover.

“The Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd Back Cover Detail

Well in this case the original cover was not touched, just a white stamp was added in the corner with the name of the group and the album.

“The Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd Front Cover Detail 2

Another characteristic detail of these albums produced in communist Germany were the stamps in the center of the vinyl record. First impressions were always stamped in dark purple with light gray lettering and second prints were stamped in light blue with black lettering. This album that I have, therefore, is the second impression that was made.

“The Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd Vinyl

In the “Virgin All-time Album Top 1000 List”, written by Colin Larkin, this album ranks 9!

"The dark side of the moon" by Pink Floyd
“The Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd Label

But the story about the AMIGA record label from the former communist Germany is not the only thing that makes this edition that came out in 1980 special, there is also another small detail. The printing of this version was done using the quadraphonic mix of the album. The sound quality is amazing in this print.

I have another version with the stereo mix from 1973, coincidentally also German (from the “other” Germany), of the “Dark side of the moon” and I have compared how the two albums are heard. I have to say that the quality and sound detail of the AMIGA version is definitely superior to the other. The mixes are different, the one from AMIGA intended for quadraphonic systems and the one from capitalist Germany for a normal stereo system. In the quadraphonic mix I’m sure of it, sound details that are not heard in the stereo mix were taken into account. What surprises me the most is that being a quadraphonic mix and ending up printed on vinyl in stereo format, it came out such an incredibly good result.

A pleasant and fortuitous surprise for me.

Some versions of this album on vinyl and in good condition are a bit expensive and difficult to get and others not so much, always depending on the quality of the version. There are some records for sale on Amazon and on Discogs.

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And well, to finish I leave the music of the album “The dark side of the moon” by Pink Floyd.

Relax and enjoy!

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