In this edition of “Album of the day” I bring something that, personally, I really like a lot. An album from one of my favorite singers from the United States.

Tracy Chapman and her first album named after her, “Tracy Chapman”.

Tracy Chapman album
“Tracy Chapman” by Tracy Chapman Front Cover

I still remember when I first heard songs from this album by Tracy Chapman in 1989 on a Cuban television program. Songs like “Talkin ‘about a revolution”, “Fast car” and “Baby can I hold you” were the ones that made me fall in love at the moment of the freshness of the voice and the music of that singer that I saw for the first time. Well, that love has beaten time. So much so that this is one of my favorite vinyls, the one that I put on quite a bit.

Tracy Chapman album
“Tracy Chapman” by Tracy Chapman Back Cover

This album was released by the record label Elektra (Warner Music Group) in 1988. The titles of the songs are:

  • Talkin ‘Bout a Revolution
  • Fast Car
  • Across the Lines
  • Behind the Wall
  • Baby Can I Hold You
  • Mountains o ‘Things
  • She’s Got Her Ticket
  • Why?
  • For My Lover
  • If Not Now
  • For You

I am lucky to have the UK and European version from the same year and the condition of the sleeve and the disc are impeccable, almost new.

And I was very lucky with the price!

“Tracy Chapman” by Tracy Chapman Inner Sleeve 1

This is one of those albums that hasn’t been done a lot of re-releases. It was originally released in 1988, then re-released in 1989 4 times, in 1990 it was re-released twice by the communist German record label AMIGA (I’m looking for this version but it’s hard to come by), on the 1991 2 times and thus, very sporadically, once every 5-6 years, it continued to be re-released until 2011 where it was re-released for the last time in the Netherlands.

Therefore there are not many in existence.

“Tracy Chapman” by Tracy Chapman Inner Sleeve 2

From what I’ve been able to discover after doing some research, there are around 200 of these albums for sale on the internet right now, mostly on Discogs and very few on Amazon. With the quality of mine or higher there are around 60 and some prices exceed  the two hundred Euros. Of course I can say it, I paid only 14.99 Euros in a record store in my neighborhood.

Tracy Chapman album
“Tracy Chapman” by Tracy Chapman Vinyl

In the “Virgin All-time Album Top 1000 List”, written by Colin Larkin, this album ranks 273!

“Tracy Chapman” by Tracy Chapman Label

Thinking a bit about that issue of prices and where I bought this album (and many others in my collection that have not been gifts or have been found in boxes on the street), I think that in the not too distant future I will have to write something on the advantages and disadvantages of shopping in small neighborhood stores and / or buying on the Internet. Each way has its advantages and disadvantages.

This and other vinyl albums can be found in our affiliate store. The list in this store is a personal and varied selection that can be purchased on Amazon. For now we only have the listing for the Amazon website in the USA and the Amazon website in Germany.

But that, as I said, will be the subject of future writing, now I leave some of the best known songs from the album “Tracy Chapman” by Tracy Chapman to enjoy.

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