And in this new edition of the series I bring the vinyl of an album that apart from the fact that I like it a lot because of the music, I also have a huge sentimental attachment.

Air’s “Moon Safari” album.

“Moon Safari” by Air Front Cover

The band Air is from France, more exactly from Versailles and is really a duo formed by Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel. The “Moon Safari” is their debut album, released in 1998. This band plays a type of music that I like to call “Space Pop”. It is not a Psychedelic Rock, despite sounding quite psychedelic, but what they play is also not pure Pop or Electronic music either. I heard them for the first time when I saw the film “The Virgin Suicides” by Sofia Coppola, the complete soundtrack is made by them. But they really stayed in my life for a very different reason.

“Moon Safari” by Air Back Cover

While I was studying at the international film school in Cuba in 2000, one of my best friends got the album on CD and since he liked it very much and he was the one who got up the earliest of all of us, he would play the album to wake us up. We were waking up in the morning with “La femme d’argent”, “Sexy boy”, “All I need” and “Kelly watch the stars” for most of the school year. And contrary to what you might think, we ended up liking the album a lot.

Two years later, my friend died in an accident on the beach but the memories of moments like those mornings waking up with Air’s “Moon Safari” in the background remained. And in a way they revive in my mind every time I listen to this and other albums.

“Moon Safari” by Air Inner Sleeve 1

This is one of the things about vinyl collecting, which I have heard about in many videos and which has happened to me completely unintentionally. I have tended to look for music that reminds me of past moments in my life. And I’m not just talking about albums that I like like Air’s “Moon Safari” and that I listened to a lot at certain times in my life. I also speak, for example, of music that was played on the radio and national television, music that at the time I did not listen to because I did not like it but that now brings back memories of that time. “Incidental” music could be called. Those songs or pieces of songs that we do not like but are repeated all the time on radio and TV channels and also those used in show intros or commercials, those remain forever.

“Moon Safari” by Air Inner Sleeve 2

As a curious fact about the album “Moon Safari”, initially in the first release in 1998 the cover was a gatefold one but finally they decided to make a simple cover and destroyed almost all copies of the initial version with the gatefold cover. As you can imagine, there are not many of those gatefold cover copies. Well, two of them are being sold on Discogs, one in 9999,99 Euros and the other a little cheaper, in 2500 Euros.

In the “Virgin All-time Album Top 1000 List”, written by Colin Larkin, this album ranks 68!

“Moon Safari” by Air Vinyl
“Moon Safari” by Air Label

And speaking a bit about the version I have of the “Moon Safari”, it is a 2015 version for Europe that can still be found in Amazon in Germany for a normal price. It can also be found in Amazon in USA.

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And to finish, as usual, I leave a YouTube list with several videos of songs from the Air album.

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