In this new chapter of Album of the day I arrive with an album that I bought recently and that has me in love.

The limited edition blue vinyl record from Miles Davis’ album “Kind of Blue”!

Album of the day "Kind of blue" by Miles Davis
“Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis Front Cover

Miles Davis, and specifically, the album “Kind of Blue”, I already knew from Cuba. There, since I can remember (mid-1980) a lot of Jazz music has always been heard and played. There were many concerts of Jazz bands, at least in the City of Havana, and every year an international Jazz festival called “Jazz Plaza Internacional” was held, quite famous in the international arena of Jazz music.

“Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis Back Cover

From what I heard from my musician friends, back in the mid-1990s, the same friends with whom I first heard Miles Davis and the album “Kind of Blue” on one of those nights where we would get together to smoke magic plants, to listen to music that was not put on the Cuban radio or television and to talk about dangerous topics, the rise of Jazz music was due to the fact that there were many important Cuban musicians very involved in the genre internationally, and that is why the government allowed it. But that this had only been from the end of the 1970s, before it had not been well seen by the eyes of the government inquisition. Of course, they also commented on how it served the government as propaganda, politically speaking, about how open the communist system that prevailed on the island was. Although in reality it was (it is) the opposite of open.

“Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis Vinyl

Well, a month ago, I got an email with advertising from Amazon and there was this album with a special price. Seeing the vinyl record in the photo, with that marbled blue color, immediately caught my attention. I looked for some information on the Internet about the quality of this release, everything was ok and I decided to buy it.

The best decision in the world.

“Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis Label 1

Not only is it that the vinyl record looks amazing in that marbled blue color (much more than in the photo), it is also that the sound that comes out of it is wonderful. This release of the album is incredibly good. I, of course, have not heard any original record of this album, only on cassette in Cuba and in Mp3 quality on Spotify, but the liveliness and warmth of the music in this blue version make it worth having if you like Miles Davis or this album in particular.

“Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis Label 2

This is considered his best album and some consider it the best Jazz music album of all time. To me personally it is the one that I like the most of the albums that I have of Miles Davis.

In the “Virgin All-time Album Top 1000 List”, written by Colin Larkin, this album ranks 14!

Playing “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis

As I said before, I bought it on Amazon so you can buy it there if you want it, not only on Amazon in Germany but also on Amazon in the USA. It can also be purchased from Discogs.

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And to finish the post, and also to enjoy, I leave a YouTube list with several of the songs from the album “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis.

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