For this new chapter of the series “Album of the day” I bring the record in vinyl format of one of my favorite electronic music albums from the late 90s.

The album “Surrender” by The Chemical Brothers.

The Chemical Brothers - Surrender Front Cover
The Chemical Brothers – Surrender Front Cover

This album released in 1999 marked, in my opinion, a before and after in the electronic music that was made up to that moment in the world. “Surrender” made it more popular with Pop and Rock sounds interspersed in the electronic music beats of the songs on the album. Besides having luxury guests like Bernard Sumner, singer of New Order, singing in “Out of control” or Noel Gallagher, singer and guitarist of Oasis, singing in “Setting Sun”.

The Chemical Brothers – Surrender Inner Cover

But make no mistake, it is undoubtedly an electronic music album and that is shown by the song that starts it ” Music: Response “and the most famous song on this album,” Hey boy hey girl “.

The Chemical Brothers – Surrender Back Cover

In Cuba, my friends and I started listening to The Chemical Brothers since their second album “Dig your own hole” came out in 1997. I remember jumping like crazy to the beat of “Block Rockin ‘Beats” every time they played it in the private electronic music parties that began to be held in the mid-90s. Electronic music was something very new in Cuba and they did not play it in the clubs that belonged to the government (in Cuba everything belongs to the government) at that time.

The Chemical Brothers - Surrender Inner Sleeve 1
The Chemical Brothers – Surrender Inner Sleeve 1

When the album “Surrender” arrived in Cuba, The Chemical Brothers were already one of our reference bands for what was being done internationally in the world of electronic music. Listening to this album expanded our musical horizon and many of my producer friends began to create riskier things, musically speaking, from that moment on.

The Chemical Brothers - Surrender Inner Sleeve 2
The Chemical Brothers – Surrender Inner Sleeve 2

In the “Virgin All-time Album Top 1000 List”, written by Colin Larkin, this album ranks 981!

Playing Now The Chemical Brothers – Surrender

The version that I have of this album is a version released in 2013. A reissue for UK and Europe, and consists of two vinyl records of 180 grams each in a very good quality gatefold. The sound is incredible. I bought it on Amazon and you can still buy it there.

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And finally, as usual, I leave you a YouTube videos with music from the album “Surrender” by The Chemical Brothers to enjoy.

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